Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sugar High Friday 33


I'm proud to host the 33rd edition of Sugar High Friday "Tropical Paradise". Domestic Goddess Jennifer, the originator of Sugar High Friday, kicked off the food blogosphere's travelling sweet tooth extravaganza in October 2004. Since her inaugural white chocolate theme to her dessert cravings last month, we've seen all sorts of sugary goodness made from puff pastry to coffee to soy to flowers.

The rules are simple: Make it sweet and make it tropical. So whether you live in a tropical locale, are relaxed and tan from a recent tropical vacation, or just daydreaming of one, create something sweet and write about why it says "tropical" to you.

Please post your SHF #33 Tropical Paradise creation on your blog anytime between now and Monday July 23thJuly 30th. I will post the SHF round-up on Friday, July 27thAugust 3rd.

Email your submission to me at
Please include the following information:
1. Your name and location
2. The name of your blog
3. The permalink to your SHF #33 post
4. 100x100 pixel image of your creation (photo is optional)

The deadline for emailing your submission to me is Tuesday, July 24th Monday July 30th.

No blog? No problem. Just email me your name and location, the name of your tropical creation and, if you have one, a 100x100 image. I'll be happy to include your submission in my round-up.

EDITED to include the extended dealine of Monday July 30th.


Anonymous said...

Oooo, great theme! We're in the middle of a bone-chillingly cold winter at the moment, so thinking about what tropical dessert to make should help me to feel warmer :D

Brilynn said...

Love this theme Mary, now if only I could go somewhere tropical for inspiration...

Cynthia said...

Hi Mary, thanks very much for visiting my blog and your very kind compliment. Coming from a baker such as yourself, I am flattered :) I can see that I will learn a lot of things about baking from your blog.

Thanks again for stopping by. I've added you to my feeds so that I don't miss your future posts.

Anonymous said...

Mary, I am so excited to find your yummy blog - love the Meyers recipes (I'm down in LA) - and once our tree starts producing again, will try some of them. Love your photos - amazing. I raved and linked you on my blog today - lol!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mary! Thanks for dropping by. I love this theme; hopefully I'll be able to whip up something in time to participate :)

Mehgan said...

E-mail has been sent! I'm so excited, this one was a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

email is sent, the dish is done.

Anonymous said...

I've prepared something simple and sweet here.
Just sent the email to you :D

MissK said...

Oh Darn,i forgot to check up on this month's event,what a great theme,mm thinking of summer.Can't wait to see what everyone's come up with.