Saturday, April 08, 2006

Walnut Cups


When I’m baking, sometimes things just don’t turn out the way I plan. I’ve been making these walnut cups for years, but I haven’t made them in the last 2 years. The recipe is fairly simple and the dough is forgiving. I think it’s because of the cream cheese.

I admit that it didn’t turn out because of my inattention. I was watching Top Chef at the same time. My bad.

Mistake #1: I forgot to add the 1 tbsp melted butter to the filling mixture.

Mistake #2: I mixed in the walnuts with the sugar and eggs instead of sprinkling them over the filled cups as instructed in the recipe. I don’t know if this made a significant difference but the tops of the walnut cups were slightly domed and separated from the filling by an air pocket. Perhaps in my vigor to mix in the nuts with the eggs and sugar I incorporated too much air into the mixture. Maybe it’s because I forgot to add the butter.

Mistake #3: I poured too much filling into each cup leaving me with not enough filling and leftover dough.

Most of the time, mistakes are still delicious and these were no exception. Or at least that's what my friends told me.

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